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Divorce Attorney In Batavia, OH

As an attorney specializing in marital & family law and criminal law in Batavia, OH, Gary Knepp understands the sensitive and personal nature of family and marriage disputes. With expert counsel and extreme empathy, he can advise you on a variety of issues, including divorce, dissolution, custody cases, child support, adoption, paternity, and other complex family matters. 

In legal proceedings, there is nothing so important as having a qualified and diligent attorney advising and representing you. We believe that the quickest and best route to a successful outcome in court is a comprehensive understanding of client needs, and that’s why we’re committed to investing time and attention in each and every client case. You deserve an attorney who understands your interests and who has developed a concrete plan for how best to represent them. 

Gary L. Knepp, Attorney has over 20 years of experience serving as a helping hand and a fierce advocate for his clients in some of the most difficult times of their lives. He can help you, too. Call today.  

Gary Knepp Attorney at Law


Gary L. Knepp, Attorney At Law was established in 1994 and, since then, has helped countless clients through divorce proceedings, adoption proceedings, custody cases, and much more. When it comes to your family, you deserve someone whose experience you can trust through your own process; that’s Gary Knepp.

Personal Approach

No two cases in marital and family law are the same. Gary Knepp understands that and so takes an individualized approach to helping his client’s achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

Diverse Experience

Gary Knepp has handled a wide variety of marital and family law cases. Whether you need support or guidance in child support arrangements, instances of domestic violence, or juvenile delinquency cases, he’s here to help.

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